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 The Officila R.E.S Request

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PostSubject: The Officila R.E.S Request   29/10/2006, 2:33 am

Dear Members of the URF ,, I would like to officialy ask you for a N A P .We Woudl Like To Be allies with you but that topic is closed . I would like to explain a couple of things , the first is that R.E.S are ranked 35 and that the res are not even ranked . Second of which your second strongest player in the URF is a former "Graduate"of the R.E.S , I think you know Two Face . And i Would Like To Point Out That E.F and SpaceFed and NTRPG have all taken R.E.S Members With them Which Proves how much a good alliance we are . We are ranked 14 in rsearch (Formely 10). And Finally i would like to say that your mokery of Behemoth regardless of how fummy does damage our reputation in Ogame . I thought URF to be a respectable allinace and i repect Jumpgate And omer for what they did . And as for you Hunter Xegster is sorry (and so am I ) for the trouble we caused you but you know after you kept attackin him well i had to do something .... Hope the Urf accpets my and xegster's apology . No hard feelings hunter ok .So what si your decision on a NAP .Oh jsut to point out we have 6 members in 500- 600 and 1 in 200- 300 and 4 600 -700 . Hope to see replies
Oh and our members are NOT farms ..

The R.E.S Will Prevail.Justice Will be Achieved
We Are Here To Stay No Matter What!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: The Officila R.E.S Request   1/11/2006, 2:29 am

Thank you Stevenge for your proposal, but this time we decline it.
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two face

PostSubject: Re: The Officila R.E.S Request   1/11/2006, 7:23 am

steven - We understand the desire of R.E.S. to be allies with us. Your alliance is slowly becoming better everyday. This is a good thing, but you are not anywhere close to the league of our alliance yet. Become more intelligent and powerfull and then our alliances will have something to talk about. Until then we wish you and your alliance the best of luck.

Off topic
On another topic...I have never been in the R.E.S. alliance, therefore i am not a graduate. I have however been part of the Eville alliance, in which i was the leader and played next to several R.E.S. members. The only place i have graduated from is when i moved from UNI 4 to UNI18.
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PostSubject: Re: The Officila R.E.S Request   

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The Officila R.E.S Request
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