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 Ally or Nap with Tesla

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PostSubject: Ally or Nap with Tesla   18/5/2007, 12:30 am

Greetings all
Im Ak Rules one of the leaders of Tesla ...
Due to some conflict wiz spacefed and common intrest im here to ask for a Nap or Ally...Since we both have same intrest now..
Backstaping is one of the thing i really hate in this game ... but i should of been more carfull anyway due to wat they did they shall pay
as i said on my post" An Eye For An Eye " so anyway enought about them...
Wat u think about us sharing inteligence and cooperating on taking them?
and oh about us goin in war wiz them we are really considering that
but now wat we shall do is farm all spacefed near us..and make them declare it they want 2 if not then it will be an unofficial war .....
Plz pm in game so that i know wats ur decision ...
Goodluck every1

Ak Rules
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Second Command/Captain
Second Command/Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Ally or Nap with Tesla   18/5/2007, 12:50 am

We will discuss it in the council and we will come back to you


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Ally or Nap with Tesla
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